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Rachael Millsom

Counselling : Yoga : Retreats


I have come to believe that we are all complex beings with simple needs.  Aside from food, shelter and safety we need to be witnessed and to witness others.  To have both the beautiful and the painful parts of us recognised, to be heard and acknowledged for what we as individuals contribute to the world and through this find deep connection to ourselves, others and the natural world.

Through my work it is my intention to offer opportunities and pathways for this.



To practice yoga is an opportunity to be witness to yourself and to develop the skills to witness yourself.


A collaborative space to learn and grow, choose from walk and talk, walk and Sit, or indoor sessions



Opportunities to deepen experience


"The moment a bird takes flight is a moment, just like any other - therefore take care of your moments"

Rachael Millsom

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Rachael Millsom

Coburg and surrounding suburbs

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