Welcome to my resources page.  This page is still in development so please let me know if there are any particular resources you would be interested in me including on this page.

Resources by Rachael

Some audios are provided here for your own use.  You are welcome to provide feedback on any of these audios.  Please note that if you are uncomfortable with quiet, stillness or listening into your breath you may find some of these practices too much to start.  Please listen to your body and know that you can stop the recording at any time.  Be gentle with yourself.

Short Check in Practiceby Rachael Millsom
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Breath and Nature Sounds Mediationby Rachael Millsom
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Annual Intentions Guide

Resources yet to come include:
What is a women's Circle

Running your own women's circle

Nature Reflections - e-book

plus I will share some resources including books that I recommend.

Relaxation practiceRachael Millsom
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Why Nature and the Outdoors

Being out in nature relaxes the nervous system, our heart rate slows and our muscles relax.  The fresh air can boost our energy levels and awaken our senses and with our senses awakened we can more naturally come into the present moment.  In nature a persons perspective can shift as it can be easier to see things in a different way.  Nature can also act as a metaphor for life and experiences.  By looking outwards at what is around us we can find metaphors to describe what is happening internally without needing to find the words.